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Posted by Caroo on Thu, 24/08/06 - 12:11 AM


Ok what we have here is a very simple map I made in a few hours. The name of the game is TANK BATTLE!

What is tank battle?
An onslaught type map although to actually capture the middle node and keep it long enough to destroy the enemy team is just insane. Were talking about team death match here.

16 tanks VS 16 tanks on an open desert playfield.

And that?s it. That?s the point of the game. And as simple as it sounds I urge you to give the level a shot. It?s great fun!

You can download tank battle here:

Install Instructions:
1) Click the link above and follow the steps to download the zip file.
2) When the download window comes up. Click ?Save as? and save it on your hard drive.
3) When downloaded unzip and place the map file into the Unreal2004 directory ?maps?
4) Run the game [not the editor] and go to instant action. Select the Onslaught Game type and the level should be there to play.
5) Enjoy and have fun!

With some versions of Unreal2004 the core to power node links aren?t always transferred with the map data. In this instance there is a simple solution. You can tell if this is the case if there are no tanks where you spawn to start off with.

To fix this problem in game. Just press Escape and go to the map screen. Then there should be a button called ?link designer? In this mode click the icons that represent the node and power cores and link the two cores to the middle node. Save this setup, as ?default? and everything should work fine. Have fun.