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Old Event: Survive and Thrive on Sunday 11 Dec

Posted by LiveWire on Thu, 24/11/05 - 8:35 PM

Game developers! Don?t you agree that Greater Brisbane is the best place in the world to do the best job in the world? If so, don?t you want to keep a good thing going? Clouds are on our sunny horizon. Game development teams are getting much bigger; to be competitive we need to be able to assemble teams of hundreds. Right now, our entire pool of game professionals is just that: we can fit in a swimming pool. That sounds fun, but we need to grow our ranks or dry up. Let?s work together to make it happen!

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WHAT: An event to make the Greater Brisbane game development community bigger and stronger, and have fun doing it. This includes a professional panel-and-audience discussion, a portfolio show and critique, and a change to eat, drink, and mingle with fellow game developers.

WHO: 1) Game developers who want to help grow the Greater Brisbane game development industry; 2) Anyone seriously dedicated to entering the industry; 3) and game company representatives seeking to hire new people.

WHEN: Sunday, 11 December, from 2 PM to 6 PM, followed by informal dinner/drinks at night.

WHERE: ?The Hall?, QUT Creative Industries Precinct, Musk Ave, Kelvin Grove.

FINDING US: There will be signs posted at the building entrances.

HELP: Superwoman truna?s number (SMS preferred) is 04 0488 4027. Backup number is Matthew?s: 04 2315 7363.

UPDATES: Before the event, check replies to this event thread to see if there have been any changes in plan.
[url="…"]IGDA Thread[/url]

Panel discussion
At 2 PM we start in the auditorium with a panel discussion among several local game industry leaders. The subject: How to assure that Greater Brisbane game dev will grow and thrive by attracting and keeping game professionals, gaining investment, and tapping into our resources.

We seek a lot of audience participation for this one? you are in the trenches; let?s hear your ideas!

Portfolio show
Those who are seeking a job in the local games industry and do not already have such a job here, this is your chance to show off your portfolio to those who can help you make it better.

Those who are in the industry, we need your help. Come view these portfolios and give all the brutally honest feedback you wish you would have gotten when you were just starting out.

Representatives from local game developers and recruiters are coming to give advice and look for potential hires.

To install your portfolio, come between 1 PM and 2:30 PM. Bring everything you need on a CD or USB drive. There will be no net access, so please don?t count on downloading anything.

To see the portfolios, come by after the panel is done. If you have to miss the panel, come by at 3:30 PM.

If you have questions about the facilities, please contact j.turner(AT)

Food, drink, play, and chat
As the portfolio reviews continue, everyone is invited to snack, drink, play games, and mingle. Get advice and support from other game developers. Where else can you get so much sympathy for your latest milestone crunch?

By 6 PM we will leave QUT for the Valley for a wandering dinner-and-drinks tour.


Pass this on
Contagion power! Please forward this message to everyone you know in the game development industry here, or who hopes to join.

If you got this invitation second-hand, you should join the low-traffic email list so you get future invitations directly. Simply email [url][/url] and follow the directions that ensue.

See you there
Please come, and please pass this on to other game developers!

Previous Post:
Please keep the 11th free from the afternoon to early evening for an IGDA event, and keep the evening free if you want to come out for a Valley eat/drink/carousing crawl afterward.

The event will be an opportunity for those who want to break into the business to show off their portfolios to those in the industry, and opportunity for those in the industry to help these hopefuls, and perhaps even hire them!

There also will be a panel discussion among industry professionals to talk about how we can make Brisbane a bigger, better, stronger hub of game development.

More details soon... but keep the date free and (if you do not already have a Brisbane game job) start to think about portfolio material to show.