Any Ausie 3D students here?

Hi can any one help me out? Im looking forward to do a master's or a diploma in Australia or NewZealand, offcourse in 3D and special effects and want to get inot the industry a.s.a.p. Well Aus I only know about SGC(Enmore) and CGC. Also looked at a couple of unis but no one seem to be offering a complete 3D course like the ones in the US. As I need to start off with the program real soon I am still wondering which is the best choice to make and value for money ...
Places like the Academy of Art(CA) and Full sail (Florida) are amazing but mighty expensive too...
Are there any eqvalents in Au or NZ?????[?]
I hope I can get some help on this.


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I think your best bet would be to go to the US, cuz theyve been creating 3d fx and what not for alot longer than OZ. But ive heard some dodgy stuff about Fullsail, so u might wanna enquire into the schools over there b4 u dish out da dough.

IF ur looking for animation, without a shadow of a doubt, i'd go to the Pixar University. The course may be pricey, but you only need to look at there body of work to b convinced of its quality. FYI they did Toy Story 1 & 2, Bugs Life, Monsters Inc and that Nemo one. Animation doesnt get much better than that. ( you could argue Shrek, but i said 'much better', which really it aint)

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There is Qantm in Brisbane, and AIE in Canberra iirc

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hey thnx, yeh i know US is a good bet , but now after the MAtrix and lord of the rings i guess things in Oz have picked up too.So what were the stuff u heard bout full sail?yeh AIE and qantm suppoed to be good and SIT too...just pickin the best bet.......