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Victoria Uni 's new games course

Posted by stefan on Sat, 27/11/04 - 5:33 AM


I'm a teacher in the TAFE Multimedia program of Victoria Uni. Hope you don't mind me spruiking, but thought I'd let you know about our new games course starting in 2005.

It's a 2 year design-based course with an emphasis on project work. Some cool teachers from the industry have come on board to teach Unreal modding, 3D Studio Max etc. Because it's a TAFE course you don't pay any HECS fees.

It's based in South Melbourne near Southbank in a brand new lab with fast high-end machines that have a bunch of goodies like the 6800 Graphics Cards, plus other toys like a 3d scanner, plasma screen etc

This lab is also home to the Melbourne wing of the Digital Labourers Federation peer-to-peer network ( - we're trying to create a space where there's a lot of exchange of information and resources between students, staff and external 3D, games and sound people.

If you're interested in finding out more, you're welcome to email our Program Manager:, or:

checkout info -

apply online -


Stefan Schutt