game development courses in perth?

[:)]hi, I was wondering if someone can help me. I am looking for a game development course,school or even a workshop here in perth. Any help will be greatly appreciated[8)]

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I've been told that there is a ground swelling in the interest of game development at Universities/colleges in Perth by someone in the field of 3D, but that was over 6 months ago.. Anyone with a clue, please fill us in [:)]

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i got word of a course in perth.
but im not too sure on where they got there facts from..
or on how useful the course will be.
read for yourself..

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Thanks for that link.. I've placed it in the Sumea big list of [url=""]places to learn game stuff at[/url].

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Thankyou Lava_Monkey. I have check out the site and it is running. The first year is mainly programming and the second and third year is more into game development, but hey who is complaining it is a start for perth. Hopefully other UNI's,Tafe's follow in there footsteps and realize perth counts to and there are people interested here too:)