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Hi. A note to Souri, and any other users that are interested, I have made a better looking main page for the wiki. It is in discussion. I also have some other plans that would involve better categorising of the companies and allow for an easier experience in wiki use.

If you wish I could do all the layout for the wiki and make it more user friendly.

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Sounds good! I've changed the settings for the main page so that only people with accounts can edit it (it used to be free for all, but the darn spam bots hit it pretty hard). Since you've already made an account there, feel free to improve things!

Oh, and I have to add, the tsumea wiki still needs a tonne of work. I've still got to copy across all the games and many developer's info from our old wiki. http://wiki.sumean.com

There are hundreds of entries to do :(

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I'll get right onto what I can do.

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What are your thoughts on this?

I personally prefer layout 2, even though I made layout 1 first..

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layout 2 is easier to interpret and navigate.
Is the intent of layout 1 to have all the information on a long single page? That could get difficult and slow to navigate through with a lot of content.

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Thats what I was thinking, and layout 1 was to have all the information on it. I like layout 2 better too.

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Nice job :) We probably won't be listing upcoming events in the wiki as that'll be available in the 'Whats on' part on the main site anyway (and I'd rather not be updating in the wiki on what's coming up), and you could probably add a link to Biography's which was something I had hoped would take off in the old wiki, but we'll see if any one is interested adding/updating it here.

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I've begun transferring some of the pages over from the old... wiki.. thing.. and I have removed some of the links as they are now 404s. I have also made the pages look a bit better.

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I'm planning to do a tonne of work in bringing the rest of the wiki stuff from the old wiki to here, then I can finally close down sumean.com (damn thing is costing money to keep up). I've been doing a lot of work in encoding and uploading the GCAP video, so once that's all done, I'll be onto it.

Thanks for all your help, btw. It really is appreciated.