IE2005 and related events

I am organising the IE2005: Australasian Conference on Interactive Entertainment which will be held in Sydney 23-25 November.

The one day event last year attracted ~100 people, see last year's schedule at: -- Check out the Chris Crawford vide and his monster impression while you are at it.

IE2005 is much bigger than IE2004 and will have a number of associated events

- Beta_Space exhibit -- One of the demonstration for IE2005 will be displayed in the Beta_Space at Powerhouse museum:

- DFactory event on Games and Entertainment on Thursday 24 November -- -- The speakers from IE2005 will discuss games and entertainment

- (Unconfirmed) A public lecture at Powerhouse Museum on Wednesday 23 November

- (Unconfirmed) Games Lab/Games Studio - a place for people to play, experiment and showcase games

Registration: Academic conferences with published proceedings and stuff are not cheap. It will be ~$500 for professional and ~$250 for students. This does include the conference dinner (Sydney harbour cruise and dinner), proceedings and other stuff.

Volunteer: I need volunteers who are willing to put in 10-20 hours helping with the conference. Helping out does not mean missing all the sessions, but you will be expected to be aroun for the full 3 days and help out when possible. In return for attending the registration desk, stuffing bags, making name tags, etc you get to attend the conference for free.

November is not as far away as it seems. If you are interested, email me at ypisan[at] It is going to be a small group of volunteers, so I am looking for people who are

- have some experience in organising events
- have done something games area (in addition to playing games)
- preferrably in Sydney to help out with tasks before the conference as well
- interested in academic side of computer games (degree, intention to do a Masters/PhD etc)
- any other skills relevant to games or conference organisation

I will try to post updates to Sumea forums, but if you are interested in IE2005, subscribe to the Announce list



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List of papers and invited speakers available at