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Panel - Merging Gameplay and Story - RMIT Melbourne October 15


RMIT is hosting a panel on merging gameplay and story.

Join us as we explore videogames as a narrative medium, discussing how different elements of game design can strengthen the story of a game. Our panelists will be responding to questions about how narratives are presented in games, how player interactivity can affect a story, an how they think games can utilise these elements to tell stories better and make the best experience for the player.

Entry is free + light refreshments

Search for ‘Game + Story’ on Facebook.

Wednesday 15 October, 6:30-8:30pm
RMIT Building 80, 445 Swanston St, Lvl 2, Room 07


​Dr Katherine Phelps
Katherine has a Ph.D. from RMIT in Storytelling within Digital Media with applications in hyperfiction. She is highly skilled at storytelling in diverse media: print, computer-mediated, live or animated film. Her creative hero is Jim Henson. You can find out more about Katherine at

​Andrew Trevillian
Before starting at Swinburne University in 2012 as a Lecturer in Games and Interactivity, Andrew was a senior designer and lead level designer at Bluetongue Entertainment, working on critically acclaimed console titles, deBlob and deBlob2. His practice in industry was focused on the application of spatial narrative techniques and cinematographic conventions to augment the experience of gameplay and further narrative intent.

​Elizabeth DeLoria
Elizabeth DeLoria is a games critic, writer, cosplay advocate and television presenter. She has appeared on Gameranx, Worldwide Gaming (Channel 31) and (CNN). She's also made sneaky guest appearances on Giantbomb and Kotaku, and was once on ABC's 7.30 report where she gushed about how hot Jamie Lannister is. She can be found on Facebook and Twitter under Elizabeth Danger.

​Luke Miller
Luke Miller is an indie game developer from Melbourne. He is the creator of My Ex-Boyfriend the Space Tyrant, a gay adventure game. He is currently working on a sequel, Escape from Pleasure Planet. Luke’s game can be found at


​Hop Dac
Hop Dac is a Deputy Editor with cultural publication Kill Your Darlings. He has worked with the National Young Writers Festival, the Short+Sweet festival, RedBubble, ITCH Productions and Flood Projects. He very briefly ran Sunday Drivers Press, still contributes to Paroxysm Press and writes occasionally for Peril magazine. Hop is currently studying Professional Writing and Editing at RMIT University.