Starting a Game Dev Studio?

i live in adelaide, ive been thinkign about starting up a game dev studio.
A few questions... of course, as ive never worked at a proper game company.

1. where can i find more info about starting a company costs/govornment grants etc.. long the average time to make a demo(because the time to make a mod is long i know because it a hobby not a job)..

anytrhing else you guys know too :D


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The better places to find out stuff about proper costs and that is the Game Developers Association of Australia ( However some more general type info can be found at, etc.

The time that it takes to make a demo really depends on the amount of time that you'd want to spend on it, and the people making it. From other developers in the industry I have heard that your demo must be 100% quality, nothing in it should be placeholder, all sounds / music / art if included must be of the utmost quality.

From what I've heard of you on the other thread it seems to me that you're both artists, hence you'll need to find some interested programmers to help you (I know a few in Adelaide), however that should not be difficult.

Good luck, it's gonna be a long hard road ahead if you choose to go down it.

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my brother is a programmer interested has his own engine which he is working on with 3ds max tools... yeah ill check those sites out more :D

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so you know some coders in adelaide that are uber intrested in game dev?
got thier contacts?
im gibbz bro, t3h coder ;p

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Well I know people at uni, and am friends with a few interested programmer, and I was an interested programmer until not a while ago.

Maybe if we exchange details we could arrange something.
I did try and start some sort of game dev club at adelaide uni, but that didn't go down so well.

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hrmm as long as they eat, dream ,think code yeah 4 sure ;)

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As a side note : The game dev club at adelaide uni needed someone to show some leadership and put in some time and effort...these things tend not to happen on their own.