Calling all Game designers, musicians, and others!


Calling all people who are game designers, musicians, and any other positions in the industry that doesn't fit the 2d artist/modeller/mapper/programmer category. If there's enough interest from you, I might put up a misc. section on Sumea for you to have a profile/journal as well. Give me a yay or nay here if you're interested.

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Well, a most certain "yay" from me... but you already knew that. =)

- Grif

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Hell yeah.

I've got two game design documents I'd like to show off - one was for the Ryan Starr game and the other was for Auran - and Greg Lane said it was "very cool" and "sounds like heaps of fun" :P

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I guess I'll have a design document up sometime soonish. It would be good if there was a general NDA sort of thing that "protected" these documents that we upload. Something along the lines of "If you use any of the ideas present here you must acknowledge them in your credits" or something like that.