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Ex Imaginary Numbers staff looking for work

Posted by nexus6 on Fri, 31/03/06 - 1:12 AM

There will be some more good people looking for work in the next couple of days.

Guess why?

Submitted by shubba on Fri, 31/03/06 - 1:44 AM Permalink

one of these im guessing.

1) The game has finally gone gold and they are all kicking back and reaping the fruits of another great aussie release?

2) They project has been canned due to negative beta testing response, shrinking feature lists and evaporated budgets?

R.I.P. Tactica Online - so much potential, so little time.

Submitted by lorien on Fri, 31/03/06 - 3:51 AM Permalink

Sigh... I know they have/had at least one amazing staff member, we met at freeplay. She used to work at NASA.

Submitted by KamoKid on Fri, 31/03/06 - 8:26 PM Permalink

Great! Im Unemployed Again! :(

Submitted by Angel on Sat, 01/04/06 - 5:15 AM Permalink

Where was Imaginary Numbers located..?

Submitted by rezn0r on Sat, 01/04/06 - 5:37 AM Permalink

Imaginary Numbers iswas a Sydney Company.


Submitted by Grover on Sat, 01/04/06 - 9:37 AM Permalink

Tactica Online looked like it was pretty far along.. I looked forward to this company getting its game out the door - Its a serious worry. Wheres the gov assistance for a project like this?

Submitted by Bunny on Sun, 02/04/06 - 12:14 AM Permalink

Where's the government assistance? Well, I could name one MMOG that's been sucking down VC and government funding for almost ten years and still seems to be going nowhere... No amount of assistance will help you if the project won't sell. I can't find anything about a publisher, so I'm guessing Imaginary Numbers just ran out of money. I'm just googling along and could be mistaken, please let me knw if I've missed something.

MMOGs are a huge investment and a huge risk, if you don't get the critical mass of player interest the publishers won't touch it.

Submitted by Mario on Mon, 03/04/06 - 1:04 AM Permalink

If anyone ex-Imaginary is looking for work, Sidhe Interactive is still looking for experienced people (especially programmers).

Submitted by yeap on Wed, 12/04/06 - 10:55 AM Permalink

Has it been officially confirmed that Tactica Online has been canned? I ask because there is no news on the Imaginary Numbers website, or on the Tactica website. Also, people are still posting on the Tactica Online forums discussing gameplay and other issues...if fans are hanging around waiting on something that isn't going to be released, shouldn't somebody make an announcement thread telling them it's over?