Publishing your game

Hey guys. i was wondering, say u make a game and u want it published by like sony or gamecube or sumthing. how do u go about doing that?

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The same way you would apply for a job, send out some screenshots and press info etc, if they like what they see the will want to see a demo and talk to you. Things go from there. Or you could to a trade show like e3 and pimp your work there.

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koolz thanx dude. also i was wondering, if u wanted to make like a sequal to an already licensed game say like another mario game or sumthing. Would u havta pay upfront for licensing fees and then create it? Or could u create it and then show it to them and if they liked it they could buy it or woteva?

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Go check out the IGDA - they have tonnes of information on how to pitch to a publisher!