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Registering on this bbs is sloooooowwww

Posted by souri on Fri, 08/03/02 - 10:04 AM

I know some people hate waiting. I certainly do.. and for some reason, when you register on this forum, it takes about 4 or so minutes !... so when you submit your details, go get a cup of coffee.. or read something else.. and come back :)... it should be done by then, I promise!

Submitted by irous on Fri, 08/03/02 - 10:33 AM Permalink

It seems to be more of a slow server/database/forum problem than bandwidth though.. but anyways, welcome aboard. :)

Submitted by Snacuum on Fri, 08/03/02 - 8:44 PM Permalink

Two Tribes.. $85.. better be worth my time and money.
After being disappointed by Transmission.. I'm hoping that Two Tribes will restore my faith in promoters.

Go hard.. or GO HOME. yeh?

Submitted by irous on Sat, 09/03/02 - 4:00 AM Permalink

Nah, I don't think all the problems from the last Transmission at old Sega World was really their fault.. the sound quality was bad everywhere except the area right in front though. the venue was too big for the sound system.
It was more of a venue problem. #$@ complaints about the noise and the music got lowered, then shut off early!.. Darling Walk as a venu is pretty much no more.. Once Upon a Time (scheduled a week after) and Advent*jah ( a week after that) had to make rearrangements for a new venue.
The Transmission before the last one (at gas nightclub) - now THAT was bad.. :) .. an hour wait for entry , an hour wait for cloak room, and over an hour to get into the bohem (whilst being abuse by the bouncers).. not happy Jan. :)