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Top 50 games of all time!!

Posted by souri on Sun, 09/06/02 - 12:43 AM

The Age has a nice list of their - - best 50 video games of all time.. and as the first paragraph of the article says, it sure is open to much debate. ;) Personally, I would have put Tony Hawk (#48), Metal Gear Solid (#32), Street Fighter 2 (#30), Elite (#28), and Counterstrike (#27) much much higher.. and push back Myst (#12) way out of the top #50 :).. oh, and Tetris as #2.. On my top 50 list, I'd also include International Soccer (hey, it rocked!!), and Exploding Fist, on the 'ole C64. Rainbow Islands, Silkworm IV, Xenon II, and Speedball II on the Amiga.. yeh, I am old skool! What games did you like that weren't on the list? and what shouldn't have been there? What games rocked your world huh ?

Submitted by Fluffy CatFood on Sun, 09/06/02 - 12:18 PM Permalink

I'd have to say my favourites of all time are No-one Lives Forever,
Undying, the longest journey and UnrealTournament

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

Submitted by UnderTOW on Sun, 09/06/02 - 10:02 PM Permalink

fav games include:
GTA3 - Dispite many really annoying things, i still love the game
NOLF - Brilliant in almost every aspect
Deus Ex - Even though the gameplay seriously lacked, the length of the game and the story make it great
Max Payne - I loved the nior setting and bullet time
Halo - Some of the best design in a video game ever

Submitted by irous on Sun, 09/06/02 - 11:34 PM Permalink

"in a way, Pong is the ancestor of modern games like Counter-Strike and Unreal Tournament." ...

proof that all games are a rip off of Pong.

Undying was an awesome game. Spooked the hell outa me a few times.. what were the annoying things you found with GTA3 ?

Submitted by Bunny on Tue, 11/06/02 - 9:55 PM Permalink

System Shock 2 and Elite should be much higher... and since when was Myst a game? :p

And what about C64 classics like Paradroid and Impossible Mission?

Submitted by irous on Wed, 12/06/02 - 1:18 AM Permalink

My take on Myst is that it came out when the whole 'multimedia' buzzword/hoopla started.. You know, motion video, speech, music etc.. Some people say they were absorbed in the game because of all that, but I just thought it was just a glamourous slideshow! Clicking on every object on the screen in the hope of finding info just wasn't fun for me. There were tonnes of adventure games in that time that were miles more enjoyable.. Secret of Monkey Island 1 and 2, and many other Lucasfilm (before they were renamed Lucasarts) games.. Maniac Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, Zak Mckracken and the alien mindbenders, Indianna Jones and the last crusade/ fate of atlantis, Sam and Max.. ok, enough already. :)
Oh, and did you know that there was a sequel for Impossible Mission on the Amiga ?.. it kinda sucked though. :)
Something that was omitted from that list has got to be The Sims as well...

Submitted by irous on Wed, 12/06/02 - 1:23 AM Permalink

Oh, and Elite rocked... docking into a space station without an autopilot was frustrating though ;) and damn those thargoids during space jumps..
Elite 2: Frontier , now that was immensley cool too.. I loved that game. I think I read somewhere that if you land on Earth, and look at the sky, the star constellations would be correct for that day/year..! .. I could never get passed status of something after 'harmless' though..

Submitted by UnderTOW on Thu, 13/06/02 - 9:45 PM Permalink

And what about C64 classics like Paradroid and Impossible Mission?

Bah! Magnatron rocked Paradroid's butt. Impossible Mission was cool too, but the Last Ninja series are my favourite C64 games.

Submitted by irous on Sat, 15/06/02 - 12:17 PM Permalink

Last Ninja.. now that was a classic too!!.. I can still remember a lot of the tunes in that game. Whatever happened to System 3?.. they rocked. ..

Submitted by Ghengis on Thu, 20/06/02 - 9:07 PM Permalink

Undertow, you forgot to mention MoHAA in your favourite games! ;)

Submitted by MajorPain on Fri, 21/06/02 - 8:08 PM Permalink

Mine would be:

Hidden and Dangerous (PC)
Total Annihilation (PC)
Tekken (psx)

Fav art:
Abes Oddworld series on the psx

Gore Developer

Submitted by irous on Fri, 28/06/02 - 1:03 PM Permalink

Favourite art , that's like another entire list all together

Great art and design:

Quake 3.. Kenneth Scott, Paul Steed etc.. great models (for when they were made).. excellant model textures, and great looking maps..
Metal Gear Solid 2.. awesome.. every aspect of the game looks great.. its just great to sit back and look at all the details of the levels..

That's all I can think of the moment.

Submitted by Bunny on Sat, 29/06/02 - 1:13 AM Permalink

mmm... TA...

I've bought the damn thing at least twice and every time someone steals it at a LAN. Can't even find it second hand anymore... I miss my Krogoth. :p

Submitted by MajorPain on Tue, 02/07/02 - 7:04 PM Permalink

Hey Bunny

I used to play the guys at 4D Rulers in TA alot, Joel loved his Krogoth. Me I loved my BigBertha.

TA is a great multi-player game, but the air units had a little to much power for my liking.

Shame TA Kingdoms didn't click for Cavedog.

Born to create

Submitted by Bunny on Tue, 02/07/02 - 8:51 PM Permalink

I remember TA came out the same day as the massively hyped Dark Reign. We picked them both up, set up our LAN at home and never got around to trying DK... played TA for months on end, it's one of those games I never get sick of.

Kingdoms never really clicked for me either, couldn't say why. It wasn't bad but just didn't grab me the way TA did.

Submitted by Smurf on Wed, 03/07/02 - 11:56 PM Permalink

It's hard to bridge the generation gap, comparing games made 10 years ago to games made today is diffucult.

for starters i wouldn't put sequels in the list, for instance when i say quake, i mean all of them.

I'd have Quake as #1, and push Doom back to #2, and get Half-life right out of there(like out of the top 50...). Id swap Warcraft with Civilisation, and bring Diablo up a spot. Id then put Zelda in #5.
There are a lot of classic nintendo/master system rpg's whose names i cant remember, but if i could id definatly put them in the top 10 :)

Also, i agree that tony hawk should be up in the to 20.

Submitted by Bunny on Thu, 04/07/02 - 12:13 AM Permalink

Depends on your criteria I guess. Personally I'm judging mainly on gameplay, innovation and story. Graphics and tech are important but I'd take fun and ugly over boring and pretty anyday.