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Finding Good UNI in Australia for Computer Programming

Hello, my friend is trying to find a good uni in Australia to study programming does anyone know any? thanks

Submitted by Alderon Games on Wed, 11/11/15 - 12:36 AM Permalink

I'm currently looking to enter university and i'd recommend your friend search for an Engineering Computer Technology course rather than a programming specific course. Programming is an easy to learn language, it's designed for anyone with a good grasp of English and Maths to be able to learn it by themselves. Computer Technology is more holistic in its approach and includes programming and software design as part of its course. While being able to program or having a Software Development degree is useful it is no where near as dynamic as Computer Science/Technology and opens half as many employment doors. Good universities are anywhere specialising in technology. I'm in Victoria right now and the best are RMIT and Swimbourne but any and all universities in Australia will offer a Computer Technology course.

Submitted by Aek on Sat, 16/01/16 - 12:03 AM Permalink

The games technology / computer science double degree at Murdoch in Perth is pretty grueling and produces some great programmers.