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Studying Diploma 3d and interactive gaming

Posted by Ghoru on Sun, 19/07/15 - 11:12 AM

Hi guys

so ive just started in my diploma 3d and interactive gaming and one of my assessment pieces requires me to write a report on the GDAA ( game development association australia) and there is frustratingly very little information on what the GDAA actually does for its members other than the vague couple of paragraphs they offer on their website and they also have not responded to any emails i have sent them. so eres my questiion
is any one here also a member of the GDAA or does any one know what they actually offer its members?

TIA guys

Submitted by souri on Sun, 19/07/15 - 6:57 PM Permalink

Not a member myself, but if I wanted to find out, the first thing I would do is contact some GDAA members directly myself. There's a list of them on the GDAA page here:

A fair amount of those devs listed there are regulars on twitter and they're very approachable, so I would go that route first.

Other people I'd contact via twitter would be Giselle at @jazzrozz and Liam Esler at @liamesler (who currently lists himself as a GDAA event manager).