Setting myself up for future employment?

I am still learning at TAFE so i am kinda new to this industry but i am not sure how people go about setting themselves up as candidates for jobs further down the road when they become skilled enough to work as indie developers. I'm not sure what recommended options would be suitable to prepare for jobs towards Animation, Coding or Game Design?

Anyone got ideas on setting myself up for jobs or education further down the road?

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I've seen enough over the years to notice that the most common answer to this question is to simply just make stuff. Make stuff all the time, keep getting better at making stuff. Get feedback and look at sites like Polycount and Artstation or to see where the talent bar is at, and keep trying to reach that bar. That's it.

Employers want nothing more than to see what you're capable of, so keep making art, animation, code games, and make games etc.