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2d artist - seeking internship/work experience

My name is Thai. I am a local living in Melbourne. I am seeking for an intern to get some industry experience in video games.
My interest is character/ concepts design. And passionate about making 2d games.
I am very good at drawing characters. Software use: Photoshop, Maya, illustrator, Blender, Max...
Contact Thai M| 0413 966 395
Thank you

Support solutions //AR//VR//MR//


I represent the company 4Experience. is one of the biggest VR/AR products development agency with over 130 finished projects. We are a team of passionate, innovative, driven and dedicated software engineers who can extend your team or independently deliver custom-tailored solutions. Our team consists of 30+ people including Unity 3D & Unreal Engine developers, 3D designers, animators, as well as UX/UI specialist.

Our key technical skills:
- Game and application development with Unreal Engine, Unity 3D (Blueprint, C++, C#)
- Virtual Reality with HTC Vive, HTC Vive Pro, Oculus Go, Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Daydream, PicoNeo, Cardboard
- Augmented Reality with ARKit, ARCore, Vuforia
- Mixed Reality with Microsoft Hololens, Magic Leap, Mira Prism, Dreamworld Glass
- 3D design with 3Ds Max, Maya, Blender, ZBrush, Photoshop, Snap Studio3D

Additional skills:
- Agile approach
- Web-based development with PlayCanvas, WebGL, Three.js
- Target platforms include Android, iOS, PC, Standalone
- Experienced with Bluetooth connected devices like Camera, Card Payment Device
- Web service, Rest API integration with JSON/CSV, XML, RSS response
- Social Media API integrations: Facebook, Snapchat
- Google API for Map, Calendar, Google Drive and other cloud services
- Live streaming: Audio and Video
- Competent at In-App Purchase, Payment Gateway Integration
- Experienced in Image processing, Photo Filtering, and Effect, Custom Camera design, and Development
- Image Editing, Image Filtering, and Camera
- Skilled with Git, Perforce, SVN repository

Our clients:
We support entrepreneurs as well as start-ups teams. The companies who chose our solutions range from small to big businesses: NASDAQ, Omron Electronics, Walmart, Viessman, Wells Fargo, Cisco, Carrefour, Ford, ShowTime, Network Rail, Mitsubishi Electric, Strabag, Hochland, DPD, Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements (PIAP), SOS Children’s Villages, MSF.

Our goal
Based on our knowledge and experience we can provide you with comprehensive support in terms of building app/game from scratch, design, and post-launch maintenance to help you take full advantage of VR/AR technologies.

We are able to support your work on the projects.
Let me know if I can be of any assistance.

Expreienced Concept Artist and Illustrator looking for work

Hi! My name is Mingho Tong i'm an Environment Concept artist and Illustrator currently looking for paid work!
I am living in Australia at the moment but I am willing to work remotely!
my portfolio:
You can contact me:
I am happy to work on AAA projects and be glad to cooperate with any indie studios. I have expreience working for video games and films with various of companies remotely and able to cooperate with 3D Artists and Concept artists.

Chances of Remote work as 3D artist?

Hi all!

As a person with a disability that makes it very hard to travel into the cities where most studios are located, I was wondering what the chances are in this industry to gain a place at a studio, but working remotely?

I am doing an advance diploma as a Game Artist atm, and I am trying to size up my chances of actually working in the industry. I understand freelancing is an option, but I'd much prefer to work as part of a team. I can't move residence (as much as I'd like too!), so I can't move closer to make travelling easier.

I thought I'd check generally with you guys, before asking individual studios.

Thanks all!

3D Rigged Human Female

Hi guys,

I am seeking lifelike Model for Posing in Blender based off of drawing and retouched photograph with one skin tight but removable set of chrome armor, with matching metal boots and gauntlet, plus one intricately engraved sword. More clarification and detail will be offered when inquired of to keep this posting short. If you're interested, please apply here -

Virtual Reality experience for real estate project

Hi, we are a small agency based in Auckland, New Zealand and are submitting a proposal to a real estate agent for a 3D virtual reality walkaround for proposed 32 apartment block. We are currently sourcing quotes from virtual reality developers who are interested in the project. Please get in touch if you are interested and have experience with develop web apps or Apple and Android apps along these lines.

Some more details below:
We'd like to incorporate a 360° photo into the 3D renders of the apartments so viewers can see the view from any apartment, whether it's facing north/south/east/west.

At the moment the design and plans are changing as the development is still in the finance application phase so we don't know the final layout of the development or start date. However we have a reliable guess that they will be no more than four stories high. So we would like the drone image VR experience to be from this elevation.

We would like the viewer to have a 360° walkaround of the exterior of the building first from ground level, with hotspots on the top four apartments allowing the viewer to transport to the interior and then go from room-to-room. This could be done using hotspots, as long as the viewer can move a few meters in each direction in each room, we won't need to see the walk through from room to room

We would like this to be accessible via a web app rather than Apple or Android if possible, to save time on approval. We assume this would mean it is only accessible via high quality mobile headsets, on desktop web browser and via Google Cardboard, rather than an Oculus type headset.

The 3D renders from CAD files will be supplied, we will liaise closely with both you and the 3D image supplier.

Please contact Chris below for more information if you would like to submit a quote. Thank you.

Professional Freelance Anime/Manga Concept Artist for Hire (High Quality)


My name is Huan. I am an illustrator with strong anime/manga genre influenced art style.
Drop me an email if you are seeking character design, promotional concept, VN cg scenes etc
I am also a part-time lecturer for Kadokawa Contents Academy~


Seeking the opportunity to enter the Games Industry

Hi Everyone,

Hope this finds you all well.

I am seeking a role within the Games Industry, as a Community Manager/Producer.

I dont have any direct experience within the Industry per se, however, prior roles from my 11 years within the Finance Sector has given me skillsets which closely match those which a CM role asks for.

I'd be very appreciative if anyone who currently holds a CM role could provide some insights for me on their day to day.

Thanks in advance for any assistance given, either a reply or PM would be fantastic.


- Philip

[RevShare] Ambitious team seeking concept artist.

Hey guys,

We (AdventuresOf) currently have an opportunity for a passionate character/environment concept artist.

The Game.
A visually expressive look into the distant future where man has reached immortality. Fusing deep systems of narrative, combat, and visuals, we explore the unexpected pain that this can bring, and the responsibility that lays in true power. In order to truly understand what your humanity means; you must battle the Gods themselves. We will envelope these themes within a sophisticated match-making MMO environment.

We’re currently developing what we aim to be a strong addition to the Sci-Fi/Fantasy RPG genre.
We’re a small, closely knit, friendly team with ambition to create a game that demands to be played.
We have a successful game release under our belt, and have worked together creatively for years.
We’re always on the lookout for enthused minds to explore visual possibilities with.

You’re a good addition to a team (engaged, proactive, friendly).
You hold considerable knowledge of what “works” visually.
You’re experienced in conceptualising Sci-Fi/Fantasy characters and environments richly from briefs (preferably within the game industry).
You’ve got a kick-ass portfolio for us to take a look at.
(Not Essential: 3D modelling and/or animation proficiency is a huge plus!)

We’ll share in the profits of our venture.
We’ll have some fun breathing life into a rich world.

If you’re interested, we’d love to see some previous work of yours – come say hi at: Look forward to hearing from you!

Setting myself up for future employment?

I am still learning at TAFE so i am kinda new to this industry but i am not sure how people go about setting themselves up as candidates for jobs further down the road when they become skilled enough to work as indie developers. I'm not sure what recommended options would be suitable to prepare for jobs towards Animation, Coding or Game Design?

Anyone got ideas on setting myself up for jobs or education further down the road?

Submitted by souri on Fri, 09/09/16 - 12:09 PM Permalink

I've seen enough over the years to notice that the most common answer to this question is to simply just make stuff. Make stuff all the time, keep getting better at making stuff. Get feedback and look at sites like Polycount and Artstation or to see where the talent bar is at, and keep trying to reach that bar. That's it.

Employers want nothing more than to see what you're capable of, so keep making art, animation, code games, and make games etc.

3D Artist - Film, VR, Games: Star Wars, 007 Spectre, Assassin's Creed

Hi there!

I have experience in 3D art as well as photogrammetry. I was recently based in London at Pinewood Studios preparing digital assets for print, VFX and realtime output. Majority of our recent work was for film such as Star Wars and Assassins Creed, we also worked with Nike, Zara and DICE.

You can view some of my personal work here

If you have some work or want to start a project get in contact with me.

Best Regards,
Jonathan Chua

Propshop Buckinghamshire, UK — Digital Production Technician
June 2015 PRESENT

★ Star Wars: Force Awakens
★ Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
★ Star Wars 8
★ James Bond: Spectre
★ Assassin’s Creed
★ Hitman 2016

- Accuratephotogrammetry, laser, artec and lidar scan workflow
- Delivering the highest quality scan data for both current and future use in VFX, CFX and game
- High detailed photogrammetry head and body scans tailored to clients’ needs from digital doubles to 3D printing
- Mesh cleaning and repair
- 3D Modelling
- Multi map generation as well as high passing, texture baking & painting to client’s spec
- Retopologizing scan data to use in game & VR/AR
- Zbrush scripting for improved work flows
- Research and development of new workflows, software and techniques.
- Working as a team to generate and maintain an integrated pipeline for VFX, CFX, gaming and multimedia outputs.

My Mini Factory London, UK — Designer/ Assistant
July 2015 August 2015
- High detailed 3D sculpting
- Photogrammetry scanning & processing
- Preparing 3D scanned models for print
- Product photography
- Managing an offsite team of 3D sculptors and approving quality assurance of all outsourced work
- Technical direction and workflow development to improve content quality and turnaround time

N3V Games Gold Coast, Australia — 2D/3D Games Artist
September 2010 November 2013
- Efficient character and environment modelling
- Detailed map generation and texture painting
- Maintaining in house MoCap systems
- Processing and cleaning MoCap data
- Adjusting game play mechanics and content according to game analytics
- Custom rigging and skinning
- 2D and 3D animation
- Developing character and environment concepts
- Creating UI/UX for mobile and PC platforms
- Game asset implementation
- Logo design and branding

I am Looking for work experience

I am currently completing a course in Sydney in 3D Animation and I would like to gain some work experience by joining up with either a games or animation company, big or small.
You can check out my website to find out more information about me.
Feel free to message me either on here or on my website and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Thank you.

Great career opportunities on offer for C++ or C# Software Engineers with 3D experience to join our market leading client

Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity to use your C# and 3D software development skills in a successful company that has an enviable reputation in their industry segment and the recipient of numerous rewards?

We are seeking Mid Tier and Senior C# 3D Software Engineers to work with our client, in Brisbane's CBD. The work environment is one that is exciting and fast paced, combined with a fantastic work/life balance, driven by enthusiastic employees of various disciplines who thrive on innovative thinking. Their enterprise suite of products are used in over 45 countries that drives real world outcomes allowing this team to see the direct impact on the physical world of their solutions.

To be considered for this role:
•At least 4 years commercial software development experience
•C# Winforms and 3D software development skills
•Computer Science or similar background with a focus on 3D maths and algorithms

For more information, please contact Jodie O'Keefe or Lauren Duncan of High Technology Recruitment on 0419 749 400 Quoting Reference Number: Q4602 or email your resume to:

Composer/Producer Available

SJS Music Productions creates music for up and coming video games.

Founder and manager of this business, I am a pianist, guitarist, singer, teacher, composer and producer. I have performed in various bands including Made In Purple - the Australian Deep Purple Tribute band as well as fronting my own band. In 2014 I released my own progressive-rock debut album, "Looking Over My Shoulder", for which I was the composer, pianist, singer, arranger and producer.

After consistent gigging throughout 2014 with this album I embraced my change in interest towards writing for soundtracks. An avid gamer, I am passionate about composing for video games in particular. I am pleased to now present to you a portfolio of game audio available via this link:

Please email me at if you are needing music for your project.


- SJ

Seeking Games Designer/Mathematician with creative flair to work for our exciting Sydney Games Studio

Our Client is an exciting and dynamic company in the licensed gaming industry. They are currently seeking an experienced Mathematician who has a creative flair for designing the logic, probability and algorithms to develop award winning games.

The successful candidate will become a key member in researching, designing and devising the workings of new features for both their existing online games and brand new titles.

Commercial experience in the following:
•Strong mathematical and/or algorithm experience
•Mathematical probabilities
•Creative flair
•Advanced MS Excel skills
•Game Design experience preferred (but not essential)
•Formal Qualifications in Mathematics or related discipline.

For further information please contact Jodie O'Keefe or Lauren Duncan at High Technology Recruitment on +61 419 749 400 Quoting Reference Number N4741 or email your resume to:

GREE Melbourne is hiring!

GREE International is looking for top-tier talent to join the team and help us build kick-ass mobile games. You'll join a community of engineers, designers and artists who are hell bent on creating the next generation of innovate, high engagement social entertainment that our customers will love!

Why join GREE? Because we pride ourselves on giving employees the chance to turn their personal passions into play. We're building on solid foundations with a focus on hiring the brightest people from across the globe. Our Melbourne studio is a collection of talented engineers, designers and artists who, just like GREE, are elevating the game by pushing the boundaries of mobile game technology.

The perks? Leading an industry is hard work. That's why we make sure you've got everything you need to be at your absolute best.

Check out what we offer at our Melbourne studio:

- Free catered lunch, and fully-stocked kitchens
- Team building events, parties and field trips
- Public transportation allowance
- Gym/Fitness allowance
- Mobile device reimbursement.

Interested in joining the team? Check out some of the current job openings below.

As a Programmer, you'll be responsible for coding across entire segments of the game, from front end UI to the back end engine functionality - as well as working closely with artists and designers to turn ideas into reality. No two days will be the same; the role will constantly be changing, working on new levels and content through the full lifecycle of the game production.

Project Manager
As a Project Manager, you'll ensure the successful delivery of a next generation mobile game. Our projects span multiple countries and timezones, so you’ll need to be brilliant at fostering a culture of communication whilst driving projects through the entire lifecycle - identifying risks, managing schedules and communicating goals to stakeholders.

Recruitment Project Manager
GREE Melbourne is rapidly growing and we need an awesome project manager to drive the end-to-end process for a global recruitment drive. You'll draw upon your extensive project management skills to manage risks, streamline processes and report progress to stakeholders.

UX Specialist
This isn’t your typical UX design gig; you’ll be working with a talented and energetic team that is passionately creating a next generation mobile game. You’ll draw upon your deep-seated UX knowledge to develop creative methods for presenting complex systems in an intuitive and easy-to-use way.

Gameplay Designer
As a Game Designer, you’ll be working on a cutting edge mobile game and will be involved in early stages of concept, design, implementation and iteration. In a nutshell, it’s about creating a captivating and engaging storyline and gameplay which our customers will love.

Level Designer
We’re looking for a Level Designer with the ability to define and create interactive architecture including landscape, buildings and objects. You’ll need a passion for mobile games, good spatial and layout design skills, fluency with 3D modelling and a firm grasp of game design principles.

Concept Artist
As a Concept Artist, you’ll work closely with a talented team of designers and artists to develop concept art that defines the overall look and art style of the game. Drawing on your strong conceptualisation skills (sketching, illustrating, material rendering), you’ll create concept art and storyboards which help communicate the proposed visual elements during pre-production.

3D Artist
Working closely with the Art Director, you’ll draw on your deep understanding of lighting, composition, colour and anatomy to create incredible game characters, creatures, assets and environments that our customers will love. If you’re looking for an opportunity to leave your legacy and be part of gaming history, apply today.

As an Animator, you'll draw upon your extensive knowledge of animation techniques to give life to the game’s characters, creatures, objects and environments . And just like GREE, you’ll elevate the game by ensuring that our game’s elements have balance, emotion and seamless movement that our customers will love.

Interested in working at GREE Melbourne?
Talk to us! Head to our website - - and apply today.

Have we missed your area of speciality? Send me your CV anyway and I'll let you know if something comes up -

Music Composer and Sound Designer available. Ready made music and SFX for you to demo.

Could you use a sound and music specialist on your team, or on call for occasional projects?

I'm a widely credited music producer and sound designer, just returned from 7 months living in London, with much experience in sound and audio. I'm looking for one-off projects through to permanent work.

Full Bio and credits list -

[AFFORDABLE] 2D/3D Game & Animation Artists AVAILABLE for work @ Indie price

Hello Friends,

Zagreus Entertainment is an animation and vfx team specializing in high-end, talked about games, animation, vfx, illustration, and design projects for clients worldwide. We provide unparalleled passion + crucial professional expertise and artistry in every project. We define ourselves as artists and a team first.

Affordable Services:

Character Design
Game UI / Screens
3D Character creation - lod variation
Gaming Props / Assets - lod variation
PBR texture
Biped Rigging / High Quality Rigging
Facial UI / Blendshapes
Game Animation
Animation - HQ .. etc

Contact Details:
skype: zagreusent

Hope you have liked our work.
Feel free to contact us for your graphics & animation related queries.
we are 24x7 available for free consultation.

Thank You

2D artist available for work

Hi all,
I'm an artist currently based in Melbourne, specialising in illustration and character design but also capable in 2D animation, both hand-drawn and rigged. I'm looking for some work, either on-site or remotely; particularly in an animation or gaming studio but I'm open to anything.

My current show reel can be found here:
And more of my work here:
And my CV:

Please contact me by email (anneliesemak[at] if you or anyone you know is looking to hire. I'm also open to internships, part time, short-term and contract work.

Thank you!