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Jobs Opened Until Filled at Digital Lode

Digital Lode is an immersive media company located in Melbourne, Australia. We are VR evangelists; dedicated to creating realtime rendered, interactive, immersive experiences. We are currently developing our original IP, "Espire 1: VR Operative"​ - a single player Virtual Reality experience with a focus on stealth, espionage and action.

Players are given the unique opportunity to physically become an Espire Agent and deploy on dangerous infiltration missions while avoiding detection. The game offers many unique weapons and gadgets that make the most of the positionally-tracked experience that high-end VR systems provide.

Early development videos have garnered world-wide attention, with a recent UploadVR spotlight on the game receiving over 415,000 views.

Espire 1 is being published by Tripwire Interactive and is coming to VR Systems in 2019. We are always looking for talented individuals to help us create virtual experiences and always looking to connect with those interested in immersive media. Come and visit our studio during your next visit to Melbourne!