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Playlunch Games was founded in response to the continual decline in Australia’s maths achievement, and the belief that games can increase engagement, improve learning outcomes and have a positive effect on a child’s wellbeing.

At Playlunch Games, we believe everyone can enjoy and gain more confidence in maths. By supporting children and their families to have fun and enjoy using maths, we believe we can improve the educational outcomes of millions of children worldwide and help stem the global decline in maths participation.

Our game, Town Squared, is designed to close the loop between the maths we do at school, and the maths we all need in real life.

Town Squared presents maths in playful ways, letting children apply the maths they learn at school in an immersive multiplayer environment with their friends. We believe that by creating a shared positive experience with maths for peer groups and families, will increase confidence, enjoyment and help overcome maths anxiety.