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Looking to form a game dev Voltron to expand on an existing (unreleased) game with a significant waiting audience.

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Stevic Mackay

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Friday, 4 December, 2020 - 12:29 PM
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My name is Stevic MacKay and I'm the guitarist/producer for Australian band, Twelve Foot Ninja. I decided to make a video game 5 months ago and it's a couple of weeks away from completion. The next logical step requires a team of people much more proficient than I'll ever be at making games (my core competency is audio, storytelling, and animation).  

I reached out to FilmVic about this project and there are a number of applicable grant opportunities that could cover the wages of the right developers. I just need to find who the "right developers" are, and factor their wages into my application. For the avoidance of all doubt: I'm not looking for ANY free work; the preliminary/establishing product will be complete (including distribution). I'm looking to meet developers and find the right chemistry fit/shoot some ideas around and then create a paid gig.

A few questions to work out if this may interest you:

- Do you like Bill Burr, Ricky Gervias, Rick & Morty, Ren & Stimpy, Dave Chappelle, Tim & Eric, Eric Andre?
- Are you maybe just a BIT cynical of popular culture? (haha)
- Do you think social media is possibly a net negative for humanity?
- Do you like side scrollers, beat em ups and old RPG's like Kings Quest?
- Do you find you have the development/coding skills but perhaps lack the ability to market yourself and get "out there"?

If any of this interests you...Please hit me up with some of your previous work and introduce yourself. Even if we don't collaborate on this gig, it'd be good to know you exist.