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Senior Game Designer / Consultant

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DragonBear Studios

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Monday, 31 May, 2021 - 4:29 PM
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DragonBear Studios are seeking an experienced Game and Level Designer to lead consultation, review and delivery of Innchanted with our team.

Contract / Consulting, 3+ months duration, flexible hours. Remote within Australia/NZ/ Similar timezone


  • Complete a comprehensive assessment of the game in its current state and provide solutions to optimise its play and creative aims/deliverables.

  • Work with the team to create and craft game content to delight players, and devise & balance meta-game economies to maximise game performance.

  • Deliver on the game vision on each game as set by the Creative Director and Product Owners

  • Write, review and give feedback on game/feature design documents, builds, and game roadmap plans.

  • Maintain accurate documentation of design solutions

  • Work with the development team to ensure content and features are delivered to the highest quality

  • Create and tune content at appropriate levels for all our players

  • Balance game economies for accessibility, engagement, co-operation and difficulty

  • Create and collaborate with the team for level design and mechanics integration (Unity)

  • Use QA data to inform recommendations to present to the team



  1. +3 shipped commercial titles

    1. Experience in Co-op titles

    To Apply

    Email the following info to

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