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Mid and Senior Game Developers

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Job Position
Application Deadline

The Company


At Red Desert Games, we're working on the ultimate in casino slot games. We’re a new, well-backed, Sydney-based, studio on a mission to explore new, innovative mechanics and bring the fun of the best casual games to everything we create.

We're hiring great engineers to bring their creative flair to new casino games. We'll be working across web, land-based, and mobile spaces. We don't just want developers; we want developers who love making games. 


The Role


You'll be working closely with world-class game designers and artists. We have a flexible policy for splitting your time at home, and remote workers are more than welcome.


Ideally, you will have strong JavaScript / TypeScript, Unity / C#, mobile, and game development skills. But we believe that nobody starts any role as an expert in everything. We want to find motivated individuals who want to do their best work rather than finding someone who has done all of this before. But if you're well versed in at least one aspect, with a curious mind, you'll pick things up, no problem.


Here are some examples of projects you may be working on:

  • Collaborate with artists, game designers, and sound designers, creating an HTML canvas game.
  • Writing custom shaders in Unity, creating a cohesive visual experience for a game.
  • Translating game design math to solid and reliable server code.
  • Helping craft a beautiful user experience for mobile gaming.

You'll have plenty of time to add your input to our games.


Who We're Looking For


Generally speaking, we're after curious, eager to learn, diligent, and kind individuals. Our people work well because we place trust in them to succeed. We trust you to do well, and you will do so together with us.


We're looking for mid-level and above engineers at this point.


You probably have at least three years of experience in the industry, but we care less about how long you've been active and more about what you've been doing. We'd love to hear about what you've worked on and how you built it.


We believe in trust, radical candour, and healthy debate. We like strong opinions loosely held. We think great ideas can come from anyone, no matter their role. You should be comfortable working with remote employees via video calls and frequent written communication.

Strong spoken/written English skills are essential.


How to Apply


Send your resume along with a short written application to


Show us why you'd like to work here and what the company would be like with you in it. Also, if you've worked on similar projects before, we would love to hear about them.


Don't feel you need to write an essay. A handful of paragraphs combined with your resume is fine. We welcome candidates from diverse backgrounds.