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Level Designer

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Ultimate Studio is a Melbourne based games studio on a mission to build remarkable long lasting games. To do this we want to bring passionate and talented people together, and give them the resources, time and space to focus on building games. We are currently looking for driven developers to join our experienced teams to help shape and build two high fidelity action PC games using Unreal Engine. Ultimate Studio is also a remote first workplace built on trust that caters for flexible working hours. 


As a Game Level Designer, you will play a crucial role in shaping the gameplay experience and crafting immersive levels for our upcoming PC action games. You will work closely with the development teams to conceptualize, design, and implement game levels that provide engaging and memorable experiences for players. This full-time position requires a deep understanding of game design principles, technical proficiency, and a creative mindset to deliver remarkable gameplay environments.


  • Collaborate with the design and art teams to create level concepts and layouts that align with the game's vision and mechanics.
  • Design and build game levels using Unreal Engine's editor, ensuring they are well-balanced and fulfill the player experience requirements.
  • Implement gameplay systems, objectives, and puzzles within the game levels to provide compelling player experiences.
  • Work closely with artists, programmers, and sound designers to integrate assets, audio, and visual effects seamlessly into the levels.
  • Iterate on level designs based on playtesting feedback and balance gameplay difficulty and progression.
  • Set up and fine-tune enemy encounters  and scripted events within levels.
  • Collaborate with technical stakeholders to ensure the smooth implementation of gameplay features and mechanics.
  • Document and communicate level design concepts, mechanics, and guidelines to the development teams.
  • Help conduct regular playtesting sessions and gather feedback to improve and refine the level designs.
  • Collaborate with QA to identify and resolve issues and bugs related to level design and gameplay flow.


  • Demonstrable knowledge and experience in game level design, including layout design, pacing, and gameplay flow.
  • Strong understanding of game design principles and player psychology.
  • Proficiency in using level editors and design tools, preferably Unreal Engine.
  • Experience in scripting or programming to create interactive gameplay elements.
  • Strong collaboration and communication skills to work effectively with multidisciplinary teams.
  • Creative problem-solving abilities and the capacity to iterate on designs based on feedback.
  • Passion for games and a deep understanding of various game genres and trends.
  • Effective time and workload management to meet project deadlines.
  • Strong attention to detail and a commitment to delivering high-quality gameplay experiences.