Adventure Awaits (Orchestral)

Adventure Awaits (Orchestral)

Short playful orchestral study piece taking inspiration from animated film music.


Jayden Lawrence Music's picture

Hey Dragor, Nice work!
Composition is good. If I could suggest one thing though, I'd have a bit of a play with the mix, particularly with panning.
As it stands, a lot of the music is 'mushing' into each other in the centre, and I think a dense orchestration such as this would benefit from a bit more clarity.
For example, violins more to the left, cellos more to the right, etc.
I know you didn't ask for criticisms, so I hope I'm not out of line with my comments, but I really do like your music! And I believe that by upping the production quality of your tracks, it'll give you more chances of knocking your listener's socks off!

Dragor's picture

Hi Jayden, sorry for such a late reply, I was not expecting any comments!

I am still very much trying to grasp my way in orchestral music, so I'm very much open to comments (thanks!). I've actually progressed a lot since 2015 but still have a long way to go. I'm trying to figure out a balance like you said with the dense orchestration and a clear mix. I will keep the panning in mind!