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Recently finished work on Speaking Simulator, which is getting a pretty warm reception at various conferences around the world... I made this video breaking down the soundtrack production process. Video is pitched at programmers & designers (not just audio folk) to foster an understanding of why audio middleware exists. Enjoy! =) Andrew

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A composition for piano and strings. Flow is a psychological term for when one is absorbed in an activity that brings enjoyment and focus causing one to lose a sense of space and time. This is what I have always experience in music composition.

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Extended version of this chiptune track originally composed during Global Game Jam 2017 with the game titled "Last Fast Craft Raft".

Instrumentation composed of an unrealistic:

1 noise channel
1 triangle
5 pulse channels

Emulation of the NES soundchip (Ricoh 2A07) by Plogue Chipsounds.

Animation created by the Music Animation Machine.

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