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BittersBBB Episode 002 - Mass Effect 2 Introducing Core Elements

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In BittersBBB Episode 002, we look at Bioware’s Mass Effect 2 to discover how Core game Elements are Introduced at the outset of the game.

BittersBBB is my somewhat new project where I aim to analyse/deconstruct a game along the lines of a specific topic of discussion. As a hopeful game developer/designer, a common theme made in the many "So you want a job as a game developer?" articles that exist is that you obviously need to play games to understand more about them. BittersBBB, as a video series, attempts to highlight a part of a game for you to learn from.

If I could do these weekly I’d be a happy happy man, but there are still a lot of things I would like the improve upon:

* Video recordings of me personally: specifically for introductions, conclusions and length moments of speech.
* Better audio recording: recording voice 25metres from a main road has it’s downsides.
* More production value: first time I’ve touched Premiere Pro in a loooong time, I learned a lot, but still have more I want to do.
* Some comedy: was a bit formal, but I’d rather be formally analytical as a start than risk “not-funny” comedy.
* An actual half hour game development show: …weeeeellllll, it’s a little bit of a pipe dream…

If you enjoy it and would love to see more, please view the video, show your friends, rate, comment, favourite, subscribe, etc. I’d really love to hear feedback!