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Moving Target Games - February Report

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Moving Target Games – February

I think this is our first report since August, and yes, I plan to do these monthly, at least, this time. Probably more when we get the full website up, but moving on to the report:

Moving Target Team

Andrew Bittman – Project Manager / Designer
Matthew Tuxworth – Game Programmer
Craig Peebles – Audio Programmer
Stein Lagim - Artist
Edwin Vargas Cortés - Artist
William Algar-Chuklin - Artist
Daniela Alethea Hammer - Artist
Jay Taylor – Sound Designer


From our conception in February 2009, I can’t help but feel we’ve come a long nicely as a team, despite the fact that we’re still without a finished game to our name.

Upon reflection, when I first prompted the idea on Tsumea forums on that sunny day sometime ago, I felt I’d be lucky to get an entire contingent of 3 blokes interested. And when I suddenly realised the Tsumea group had grown well beyond double digits, I realised I probably wasn’t ready for this. Heck, a year on I’m still not ready to manage a team, but I can’t back down from a challenge like this, else I’ll never find myself “ready”.

It’s been a tumultuous year for some of us, yet our team is still miraculously kicking and keen. I won’t deny I wasn’t disappointed halfway through last year when Sunday meetings were lucky to get 3 people, or at the end of October when a storm of technical issues ruined our changes of having something that appeared playable for GCAP (didn’t stop me from trying to enter though!), but nevertheless were still here.

After sitting on the unimaginative “Team A” group name for almost 10 months, a hesitant Craig offered our new name: “Moving Target Games.” With the new year comes, not a fresh start, but a renewed commitment from those in Moving Target Games to get this game finally done, so we can move forward.

This year we’ve already adopted two new artists (William and Daniela), moved our discussions and meetings onto Google wave and set ourselves an end of February deadline that aims to consider the plan for continuing Cosmos Concerto in the hopes of releasing it sometime near that date. We’ve moved everything, and more, onto Unity3D, targeted more realistic goals that should actually enhance the game, and, just last week, launched a splash page for our website.

So look forward to an update concerning Cosmos Concerto early March, and in the meantime, visit our website, follow the twitter and/or sign-up for the mailing list (all available on the website). It’ll make us feel a bit special.

Best Regards,
Andrew Bittman
Project Manager – Moving Target Games