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_CAD_ full backstory for Tsumea Entry



Name: Lawrence Jacobs

Known Alias: 'The Pitbull'

Age: 42

Height: 6'' 8'

Weight: 120kg

Spouse: Carolyn Jacobs(deceased)

Children: Nicole Jacobs(deceased)

As a child Lawrence lived with his mother and father in the Bronx, only just being able to afford to send him to school his mother worked two jobs to support them, his father worked one job during the day and frequented the New York bars at night. He frequently abused Lawrence and his mother and one night when he was 13 in a drunken stupor his father stabbed Lawrence's mother, scared and frightened he ran away and after a year of scrounging on the streets was eventually picked up by a youth worker and was officially adopted by a local orphanage.

At the age of eighteen he felt he had no discernible future so Lawrence joined the united states marines and after 10 years and a wide range of commendations, medals and achievements he was honorably discharged and returned to New York, feeling empty and without purpose and with his career in the military over Lawrence joined the NYPD and thus began the beginning of a long career as an officer cleaning up the streets and genuinely making a difference.

On his third year of service with the NYPD a rookie police officer by the name of Carolyn Munroe was assigned to be Lawrence's partner after his last retired. The two hit it off and developed deep feelings for each other and served as partners in both senses for 5 years and on their sixth year of service together they married.

However one night Lawrence and Carolyn where called out to investigate a disturbance at a residence in the Bronx. Arriving at the residence they broke down the door and preceded to sweep the lower and top floor, believing everything to be clear Carolyn left the house to radio control, but as Lawrence was about to leave he heard a noise and a thump coming from the underneath the first floor, upon investigation he found a hidden trap door leading to a basement and what he found there changed him forever, children..children chained to to the floor and walls beaten bloody, nightmares suddenly flooded his vision, his father beating him, berating him, his mother screaming as his father stabbed her, Lawrence collapsed and woke up the next day in the hospital.

Put on medical leave Lawrence was given as long as needed to recover Carolyn taking time off to help aid his recovery. Lawrence couldn't shake the pictures, the children, his mother and feeling that he couldn't return to the force he quit and sunk into a deep depression, however unknown to him and feeling that he couldn't deal with any more pressure Carolyn decided not to tell him that she was pregnant.

A few months later Carolyn gave birth to a baby girl, and Lawrence was ripped from his depression and had a renewed feeling of purpose, unfortunately the young girl whom they named Nicole was born blind.

Just before Nicole's first birthday Carolyn sought to leave the force after her new partner made sexual advances towards her but when brought up with her boss was dismissed and no action was taken, she then sought to alert the media of corruption within the NYPD, Lawrence urged her not to but she proceeded to tell the media and got her ex partner fired and ridiculed. The NYPD was tagged as a corrupted laughing stock.

On Nicole's first birthday tragedy struck. while celebrating with his wife and daughter Lawrence left their house to get something out of his car he heard a plate smash and a scream Lawrence rushed inside to find Nicole crying in her high chair and a hooded man standing over an unconscious Carolyn holding a bloody knife, he rushed the man and made a grab for the knife but a second assailant out of nowhere emerged and plunged a second knife deep into Lawrence's chest. The assailants fled and before he blacked out Lawrence got a fleeting glimpse of a badge and and emblazoned red rose on their jackets and to his horror he saw Nicole, tears streaming down her eyes being carried away by the men.

Carolyn died in hospital the next day and over the subsequent few weeks an investigation was carried out and Lawrence was sentenced to jail time for the murder of his wife the officers investigating claiming he committed the murdered and then tried to commit suicide. Believing his daughter to be dead Lawrence felt he had no future and submitted to prison life without a fight.

Eight years past, living a shallow life in prison. A new inmate was admitted mid way through Lawrence's eighth year in prison and he quickly noticed that this new person would go to extreme levels to avoid him. Curious Lawrence cornered the man and he noticed a tattoo on the mans neck, a red rose, he 'convinced' (away from the prison guards prying eyes) the man to tell him what it meant and why he was trying to avoid him. A few beatings later the man revealed himself to be a member of the Blood Rose underground gang and the reason he was trying so hard to avoid Lawrence was because he was the man who murdered his wife. Enraged Lawrence pinned the man to the wall at the throat plunging 8 years of pain and loss into his hands and he sought to squeeze the life out of him. Choking the man managed to get out three strangled words daughter....might....alive. Lawrence released him and listened as the man explained what was done with his daughter, he claimed that that is how Blood Rose obtained new members stealing children and raising them as criminals. The Blood Rose member also divulged one more piece of information when Lawrence inquired about the badge that he saw as he passed out on that night so many years ago, and in a shocking revelation the man revealed to him that the Blood Rose had members inside key positions in the NYPD and that was how Lawrence was framed for the murder of his wife. Losing control Lawrence forced the man to divulge the rest of what he knew including the location of the Blood Rose headquarters and the names of those in the NYPD working for them and as his final act inside prison Lawrence grabbed he mans throat again and as the life slipped from his eyes Lawrence muttered 'thats for my wife'. He left the man and waited for the guards to find him and then during the commotion of finding a dead body in the prison Lawrence made his escape and made ready to return to New York.

Lawrence returned to his house now decrepit and abandoned and grabbed supplies from his personal stores including clothes and two spas–12 shotguns kept in the shed from his police days, as he went to leave he grabbed a photo off the ground the shattered glass of the frame being brushed away, as he looked at it staring back at him was Carolyn, newborn Nicole and himself, he left quickly as the memories of past events threatened to engulf him stowing the picture deep in his coat.

With hope in mind that he would find his daughter Lawrence headed to a seedy bar which his information told him was used as a cover for the Blood Rose gangs headquarters. Lawrence kicked in the door and the bar went silent 'where is my daughter?'. And immediately a fire fight broke out with many bar patrons drawing concealed weapons and opening fire, three minutes passed and Lawrence walked through the sea of bodies not a shred of sympathy dared enter his mind. He approached the bartender who was wounded during the firefight and asked for the entrance to Blood Rose headquarters the man raised a shaky hand and pointed to a door at the back of the bar.

Taking two flights of stairs Lawrence came to another door, what he found was astonishing an entire network of underground basements full of gang members. As he fought his way from room to room searching for any sign of his daughter he came across rooms with tortured prisoners, weapon storage rooms, drug labs and more, he was amazed at how such a sophisticated crime syndicate could function so well without the law enforcement somehow interfering.

He opened a door expecting to encounter more resistance but nothing, instead he found a room that looked like the inside of a military barracks bunks and bunks of children of varying ages and there in the corner quietly sitting with a rag tied tightly around her eyes was her, eight years had past but instinct told him it was her, Lawrence rushed over and took his little girl in his arms tears staining his coat, he noticed she looked scared and as he held her he finally felt that shred of happiness and a gunshot rang out cutting the air like a bullet, the little body went limp in his arms his hands stained red, and everything went silent, he stared in horror at the lifeless body of his daughter, laying her down he stood up looking to find the assailant, blood pounding in his ears the cool steel of his shotgun comfort in his hands and staring back at him with a small grin on his face bearing the tattered damaged badge which once gave him the right to enforce the law in New York was Carolyn's ex partner a sidearm held outstretched trained on Lawrence's heart. “Pity she had to die, but you don't disobey orders from the pit bull”, enraged Lawrence hurled his shotgun at the man catching him off guard and knocked him to the floor and the mans sidearm skittered across to the other side of the room, Lawrence drew his own sidearm and approached the downed man whom had picked up the weapon Lawrence had thrown at him. Lawrence raised his weapon and the man fired...CLICK...nothing, with a smirk Lawrence said “safety's on” and with one final shot the man was gone.

Lawrence now had one more goal,The Pitbull the blood rose leader, with horrible pictures floating through his mind he would find the part of Blood Rose's headquarters in which he resided and would put an end to this gang once and for all. Kicking doors in killing gang member after gang member he came to a large door covered in red roses etched all over it. This was it, he would find their leader in here and complete his revenge. He kicked in the door and within the room he found the blood rose leader 'the Pitbull' as the gang members referred to him as. Lawrence crossed the room in 3 steps and placed the barrel of his shotgun against the mans head. “what makes you different from me with what you've done tonight?”. Revenge was the only thing on Lawrence's mind but part of him hesitated with what the gang leader just said, what did make him different? The images returned...His daughter's lifeless body...Carolyn lying in the pool of blood. “if you kill me it doesn't matter, the Blood Rose aren't just localized here in New York, not just in the NYPD we're everywhere and someone else will take my place and your wife and little girl wont be the only ones and one day the Blood Rose symbol will be everywhere” Lawrence had had enough he squeezed the trigger and the arrogant grin disappeared.

Lawrence flew into a rage and trashed the room throwing everything he could get his hands on, smashing a mirror and throwing his weapons hopelessly against the wall. Then he came to a large painted rose that dominated the east wall and he stared at it, he picked up his sidearm and fired a single shot at the centre of the rose. He knew his purpose now, he was dead, dead in his mind and he was a hollow man now with only one objective, he would make it so Carolyn, Nicole and Lawrence Jacobs could rest in peace. He looked at what was left of the leader, none of the external members of the Blood Rose knew what had transpired here, they did not know their leader was dead and he formulated a plan, he picked up his weapons and left the gangs headquarters taking with him purpose and leaving the man once known as Lawrence Jacobs behind.


The headlines kept plaguing the news...NYPD members going missing, gangland personalities ending up dead, rumors of civil war within the gangs of New York and other gangs all across America, police and law enforcement agencies being dissolved in bloody massacres, rumors of a leader rising from the dead, rumors of a man on the warpath, a single Chrome Rose at the scene of every crime and a name which struck fear into the hearts of Law enforcement and criminals alike.....The Pitbull.


Okay if you read all this I thank you and I understand you've had to put up with many plot holes and probably many narrative writing fou pas(i have NO idea how to spell that) but its nearly 1am as I write this and im tired :). Basically that back story is a collection of notes I wrote and stuff I had in my head about my character. So what I quickly want to do here is clear up a few things that I purposely didn't make clear.

Firstly my characters tattoo on his left shoulder. The rose is the symbol of the Blood Rose gang and above it is a heart with Nicole's name symbolizing that his love for his daughter will conquer the entire crime syndicate.

Also how he came to be called 'The Pitbull' what Lawrence did was with the death of the New York faction of the Blood Rose's leader he took the name and used it in the early stages of his crusade to root out the criminals whom had infiltrated the NYPD. He adopted the tag line as he left more of his old self behind became more of the vigilante he now is.

With the destruction of the New York syndicate and cleansing of the NYPD, 'The Pitbull' tracked down the other factions and leaders of the Blood Rose but by this point he had finally lost all of what he previously was and labeled any Law enforcement agency that hadn't been able to deal with the gang itself useless, and thus he started to murder innocent people.

Finally, his calling card the silver chrome rose. This is supposed to symbolize Lawrence's new purpose as 'The Pitbull', its steel cold appearance represents his emptiness as a human being. He leaves them either at the scene of a crime or impaled in someone at the scene of a crime this indicates to not only members of gangs across America but also to law enforcement agencies cross America that he is the law now. And lastly its shape, the fact that it is a rose I hoped to symbolize the final thing that the dead leader of the Blood Rose gang said “what makes you different from me?” even though Lawrence believes he is doing what he thinks to be right the rose is a symbol that he now shares many of the same traits that were exhibited by the Gang.

And in closing the Pitbull has become the most wanted villain in America and many other countries and he is still at large today.... the honest man he once was is gone....only a soulless killer remains.......Look for the Rose.