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  • Hey Guys and Gals

    Just thought i'd post my latest mini comp entry. this is Gen'ral Scythe L'Kar (yes i forgot the ' in my entry :P) any screwups when it comes to spelling im blaming on submitting 10 mins before the deadline so i was…

  • This is just a quick sample of my stuff. although it centres around character art i am perfectly capable of working on environment assets as well.

    Hope You Like :D


  • Hey guys just thought id share and get your opinion on my entry for a mini comp over at the brief was to make a character and fit it to the Kingdom hearts universe and 'gear them for war'.

    So this is my interperatation of…

  • Name: Lawrence Jacobs

    Known Alias: 'The Pitbull'

    Age: 42

    Height: 6'' 8'

    Weight: 120kg

    Spouse: Carolyn Jacobs(deceased)

    Children: Nicole Jacobs(deceased)

    As a child Lawrence lived with his mother…

  • This is just a small summary of some of the stuff i omitted from the full backstory which if you would like to take the time to read, you can find it in another one of my journal posts as the four pages i wrote is a little more than the few…