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Quick Portfolio For Indie



This is just a quick sample of my stuff. although it centres around character art i am perfectly capable of working on environment assets as well.

Hope You Like :D


Submitted by Creative_Workaholic on Tue, 14/04/09 - 2:27 PM Permalink

I am very impressed by all the work you have shown. I especially like Patrick....i know that sounds wierd...but a he is just the best character invention since stimpy.

I think your concept drawings have inspired me to draw more as well...they are very unique and brilliant to look at with my eyes.

I love the flaming dinosaur model as well!

Wait I love all of this work. Congrats. You must have a job right?...I would hope they would hire you with a portfolio such as yours.

The only improvements I suggest is....ummmm....hmmmm, can't really say much. Only that the lion head has a dog snout and the flames on the dinosaur picture could have looked better with particles I think....but not necessary really.

All the best with your adventures into the creative world of 3D ART!

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