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What's all this then?

For the last few weeks I've been offline due to a house move. And in that time while I used net-cafes to communicate to my team on Tower City and keep management going, I wasn't able to work on any online related stuff.

So it occurred to me that to help support my portfolio as a game designer I should make a work sample that demonstrates a more casual game. A lot of Australian studios create these sort of games. So it would do well to create an example of what you can provide.

This is the result: Mech-Tech

A mixture of inspirations drawn from Mechwarrior, 80s sci-fi B-movies, the board game Memour 42 and Puzzlequest Galactrix. Mech-tech is a casual puzzle game that blends micro-puzzle battles with a hexagonal tactical turn-based battle map. The player controls their army to complete objectives on these battle maps. The player can also upgrade and customise the Mech for new combat commands and abilities.

Artistically I'm really happy on how these mock-ups came out. While not obviously true concept art worthy. I feel that they communicate the point across as to my ideas of how the game would look and play. Overall the main mission map mock-up took about 3 1/2 days of solid work. 1 of those days just to sketch, ink and render the character portraits.

I should also add that there's a 2 page game overview doc. It can be found here:

Overall mech-tech took just under 6 days to concept and create these mock-ups and doc. I plan to use it in future job applications to show some more variety in design and to show my artistic-side as well.

Thanks for reading.