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Tower City - Prototype Demo - August Build



Tower City August Build:
Health bars, monsters and projectile weapons!

Download the August build here!

How to play:
1: Download and unzip file.
2: Double-click and execute the file: WIP DEMO AUGUST BUILD.exe
3: Have fun!


- Player health: Players now have their own working health bars! :D
- Working enemies: Enemies now damage the player character when near them. They also have their own health bars.
- Working weapon: Pressing the right mouse button will fire a projectile weapon. Aim at the enemies legs to kill them. [projectile currently not visible in game.]
- Some refined environmental art props are now in-game.

Coming up next month!

- Title, start and credits screen:

- Improved weapon system: We only just got a simple weapon into the game for this months build. But next month we'll be aiming to implement fully realised weapons for the player characters.

- More enviornment art: We're now making a big push to get some art assets created for the game. So as the months roll by more environment assets will roll into the monthly builds.

- Character animations! =D

Thanks for taking the time to read and perhaps even playing the game in its current state. :)

Chris Watts