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Callout to Victorian based 2D artists.

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Hi everyone.

I want to make a call out to find out who’s out there in the local scene. I’m on the lookout to see who’s available for a project I’d like to get started midyear.

Project codename: Play-bit Heroes!

The proposal:
I’m currently writing an application to Film Victoria for a digital distribution funding due in mid April. The purpose of this funding is to kick start a medium scale indie game project. And while I can say with confidence we have bases covered in design and code. We don’t have a dedicated artist. I would like to make my application more watertight and have a listing of possible artists that can lend their talents to the project.

The game we want to make is 2D based and thus I want to find a talented 2D artist to take control of the art production in this project.

As it stands I want to get a show of hands and possibly sit down and chat to a few people.

The project:
· Project starts around June 2010 and will run through to March 2011 in its first iterations. We’ll be making a game to showcase at next years GDC.
· My aim is to create a small-scale online game that captures the essence of multiplayer dungeon raiding down to a few core elements and experiences. We’ll be making a very..very..very small online multiplayer game over a 9 month timeline. [In other words. Not a multi million dollar MMO. Don’t freak out. ;)]
· Game will be created in iterations and deployed on multiple online platforms like facebook.
· Games visual style will be based in some ilk of fantasy. Although this will be shaped more so by the artist in charge.
· Game is strictly 2D based. Either isometric or top-down and will be played in real-time.

Who Do I need in an artist?
· Someone who can work within the technical and design limitations of the project.
· Someone who can take the responsibility to direct the art style of the game.
· Someone who has strong 2D concept and production art skills
· Has to be located in Victoria.

How will they be compensated?
· Project is mostly work-in-kind based. But if the application to film Victoria is successful the artist of the project will get $1000 - $2000 a month for the duration of being with the project.
· Additional to the monitory pay. The artist will take a 10% to 15% profit share in the product.
· Most of all I’m looking for someone who can get behind this project and offer their efforts to create a small, fun to play fantasy multiplayer game.

If your interested or would like to know more then what’s written here please contact me at designerwatts[at]hotmail[dot]com

Thanks guys an girls. :)

Chris Watts