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Our next game: Power Surge

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Hi everyone!

Chris here from Roo Games.

After the release of Mole - Quest for the Terracore gem! We've been hard at work on our next project for the iPhone.

It's Called Power Surge!

Power Surge has the player linking neon coloured circuits to create larger circuits and link them to power connectors to bring light to towns and cities!

The game starts off easy enough with only two circuit types to make power from. But as the player progress's to new cities and difficulty levels they're introduced to more circuit types and even dreaded virus circuits that can dismantle a players strategy.

Our aim with Power Surge is to create a puzzle game that's colourful, easy to pick up and play and most of all just be tons of fun for anyone looking for a new puzzle fix on the iPhone. Sporting a neon-pixelated style in respect to the games of long ago like Space Invaders and Pacman.

Power Surge will offer:

* 10 difficulty levels of play. -Each level being a town or city to power-up!
* 18 achievements. - Some of which only the dedicated will be able to get.
* Local and Global leaderboards.

Power Surge is planned to come out Late April / Early May on iPhone and iPod Touch.

Stay tuned in the next upcoming months for Game play videos, screenshots and beta. :)

I'll also be offering our sales metrics and post-mortem for Mole in the next week or so.

Chris Watts