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Tower City - Looking for programmer & artist volunteers!

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Team name:
Team Tower City

Project name:
Prototype Project Tower City

Brief description & Target aim:
Tower City is a freeware project created for promoting the volunteers who help to create the demo and to claim they have worked in a team enviornment to produce a solid product. Tower City is a non-profit and non-paid project. Our desire to make a fun game and to impress our piers [and to maybe secure a job through it.] is our goal and reward.

We aim to release the finished product in November / December 2009.

No monitory compensation is offered for this project as no monitory profit is intended to be made for it. The creator does however retain content rights to the work they produce. The game design of tower city and the gameplay concept is retained and owned by Chris Watts.

We are using an indie build of Unity 2.5 and we are releasing on PC

Talent needed:
To complete the project within the next 3-4 months we need the following positions filled with dedicated volunteers:

- 1 to 2 Rigger & Animators - Tasked to rig and create animations for the player characters and monsters. - You will work from an animation asset list.

- 1 Texture artist - Tasked to create high quality and consistent texture work for the environment art. You will create textures using your own artistic initiative.

- 1 Environment Artist - Tasked to create meshes and UV wraps for the game environment. You will work from an art asset list.

- 1 Programmer - Tasked to help implement sound, character animations and art into the game. You will work the C# platform in unity.

Team structure:
As it stands at the moment the people who we have on the project are:

- 1 Designer/Project lead - Chris Watts
- 1 Production manager
- 2 Programmers
- 1 Character Artist
- 1 Environment Artist
- 1 Concept Artist
- 1 Music Composer
- 1 Sound Designer


Please contact our Project manager Kayleigh at: k_m_oliver[AT] & also the project lead at designerwatts[AT]

Previous Work by Team:
The latest build of the game can be found here: Latist Build

Additional Info:
I'd like to add an important note here.

As a freeware project we've been fortunate to find some dedicated and consistent programmers and artists. But many who apply for these propositions quit when they realise that the project does require them to create some rather solid content. Please only apply to this job if you have read all of the above, taken a moment to look over the website and completely understand this is a non-profit venture and that you can truly dedicate the time to help us create this game.

Thank you for your time,

Chris Watts