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Level Design Video Showreel - June 2009

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A bit of a departure from the standard showing of UnrealED and mod levels made from FPS engines. This 3 minute video is split up into two parts.

The first part showcases the level design iteration process, which is actually quite important. By designing and creating a strong and well thought out layout for your level you're endeavouring to make the level as strong a gameplay space as possible before you go building things in a level editor. Your level design lead loves this is because it leaves very little question into what you're proposing to design. It's much easier to make layout and gameplay changes at this stage then if you alternatively built the level without making a well documented layout, presented it and was then asked to change parts of it.

The second part of the video is footage from a level I designed in de-blob called "The Chroma Dam." This part is to showcase some final implementations of level design, which is important as well. You need to be able to finish what you start.

Note: On de-Blob the level designer was responsible for level layout, puzzle design, enemy placement, camera placement, relationship scripting and mission design. All art assets are modelled by a series of artists, I make no claim to the artistic work shown in the de-blob portion of the showreel.

de-Blob belongs to THQ. Created by Bluetongue Entertainment. Showcasing of the game is used for personal showreel promotion only.