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My name is Eric, Im in Year 12 this year. Im studying in Melbourne at Melbourne Grammar. I enjoy doing 3D arts, video editing and some Post-Production.

I work with Autodesk Alias Maya, i have been using Maya for a bit over 4 years now. I focus on rendering, lighting and material skills right now, as I wish to create a really realistic render. I mainly have done automotive models and some basic scene modeling.

My current work is a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG, which i have modelled from scratch in Maya. It is a Mid-Poly model. Im still working on it. I dont use any textures, bump maps for my model, I model every single part i see.

My current rendering work is for a friend, who modelled a Nissan GT-R. I use his model to bring out his eye for detail and accuracy, but to also help me improve my renderings. In my renders, I mostly try and not use images for textures, i mostly use the material and texture options inside Maya.

I attached some of my works.

You can contact me through my details on my deviantart page.


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Your work is impressive for a year 12 Student. I'm assuming you are self taught?

I paid $14k for a course and I don't think i could produce work this impressive. Well done mate. I'm a fan.