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Hades, Kingdom Hearts WAR GameArtisans Entry

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This was my entry to the GameArtisans Kingdom Hearts Comp. You guys all know the specs by now, thought I'd just share my work. I chose Hades from the animated film Hercules.

Submitted by _CAD_ on Sat, 07/02/09 - 11:11 AM Permalink

Loved your entry vegas spitting image of hades, i like the work on the face but i think the clothes particularly the chest area was missing something, like maybe the heartless symbol or something, just my 2 cents anyway great work


Submitted by Vegas on Sat, 07/02/09 - 5:38 PM Permalink

Thanks for the input bro, I absolutely loved your piece. Somebody mentioned watching your models grow in quality and I have to agree with them. I love these mini comps. They give you great pieces for the porty. I would have loved to have given the modelling comp here a better go, but it was just bad timing.