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Firemint and Halfbrick excited about the new iPad


Apple's latest iPad offering has at least two local games developers excited about the prospects for their upcoming games on the new hardware. has the responses of two of Australia's leading mobile games developers on the new Ipad and both have remarked on its stand-out 2048 x 1536 pixel screen resolution and what it means for their games.

For Firemint CEO, Rob Murray, even testing for their new retina-enabled iPad games brings about an unusual challenge. From

(Rob Murray) The resolution on the new iPad is larger than we can represent on our monitors, so to simulate games like Real Racing 2 and Flight Control Rocket for the device we have to put two monitors side by side...

The new iPad is a great example of portable technology outpacing the desktop and lounge room. I can't wait to get our hands on the new chipsets and show what Firemint can do.

Likewise, Halfbrick Chief Marketing Officer, Phil Larsen, is also excited about the new technology. However, he shares the same thoughts that many iOS developers have now that they'll be working with four times the number of pixels that it's predecessor, the iPad 2, had...

From The Verge...

(Phil Larsen) We are extremely excited about the massive resolution – it’s going to mean a lot of hard work to improve our games but we always want to move forward and increase our quality bar ... Apple said themselves that with a little bit of time, developers can do things that are mind-blowing. That’s definitely what we are setting out to achieve, so the team in Australia will be getting down to business – as soon as they wake up!