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LG shows off most frustrating way to play Fruit Ninja at CES 2012


Electronics giant, LG, showed off their new 3D Game Experience initiative at this year's CES show which looks to be a system that consists of a very Kinect-like looking camera for full body gesture control functionality and an App Store-like eco system for games to support the new peripheral. The demonstration showing at their booth could initially be mistaken for Fruit Ninja on the Xbox 360 with Kinect except for two main factors. Unlike the Kinect version, this Fruit Ninja is played without the silhouette of the player in the background which I'm sure goes a long way in helping players gauge where their arms are and where they'll need to be for the accurate fruit slicing motions needed.

The other difference, and perhaps most glaring, is that this peripheral looks laggy and unresponsive as hell. In fact, it makes Fruit Ninja look almost unplayable. Watch the embedded CNet footage below (jump to 2:46 marker) of the system in use as two hapless fools fight lag and do an extraordinary job at actually avoiding the fruit that's flung about due to the unresponsiveness of this new product.

Voice and body gesture controls seem to be the big selling point for many devices on show at CES this year, and while this LG product obviously needs quite a bit more work,
it's still not as bad as the gesture demonstration that Qualcomm showed off at their booth.