"Edge of Twilight" coming to consoles in 2013. Yes, this is for real.


Edge of Twilight was announced way back in 2007 by what was then the Brisbane based games studio, Fuzzyeyes Studios. The Unreal Engine-based third person action/adventure game gathered interest with its incredible visuals and it's then out-of-the-ordinary steam punk theme. The environments and visual elements were contributed to by the fantastic concept art of Alex Drummond (Alti), and the game also had the handy work of Game Audio Australia's Mick Gordon, with voice acting contributions from Melissa George, Mike Patton, Bruce Spense, and Gary Sweet.

A 2009 released date on "next-gen consoles and PC" was announced by publisher SouthPeak, and then things went horribly wrong shortly thereafter.

While legal issues hit in 2009 from notorious patent troll, Tim Langdel, for the use of the word "Edge" in the title, whispers spread on tsumea about the financial problems and massive staff lay-offs that were happening at the Brisbane studio.

Those issues went public in a fairly big way in late 2009 when Fuzzyeyes CEO, Wei-Yao Lu, made an official statement explaining why the studio had to let go of all its staff, sell out to a third party, and planned to outsource the rest of the development of Edge of Twilight overseas. Tales quickly followed of mismanagement and staff working without pay in a strikingly similar fashion to those who worked at Interzone Games in Perth...

(Anonymous) The reason people gave up wasn't because of the game, it was because for the past year they never got paid on time and were lied to regularly. If anyone ever has any doubt about the loyalty and belief in the project of some of the fuzzyeyes employees consider that many of them stayed on working for 2-3 months after they had been told there was no money left. That's how much they wanted this to work out.

So what did they get in the end? Their job outsourced to Asia.

For most, this signalled the end of the road for Edge of Twilight. However, after a long four years without hearing a peep about the title, a press release by the now Asia-based Fuzzyeyes announced the surprising news that Edge of Twilight was certainly still around and near release.

"Edge of Twilight – Horizon", will be a free playable promotional iOS title will be the precursor to the actual console release coming mid this year.

(press release)

Edge of Twilight Confirmed for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 Release; New Game Announced

December 28, 2012 - JDJC & FUZZYEYES LIMITED revealed today that "Edge of Twilight," the steampunk action/adventure game will be available on the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles in the summer of 2013. The game is to be released by a new partnership between JDJC & Fuzzyeyes and Fuzzyeyes Entertainment Limited, who took up the project in late 2011.

The team at Fuzzyeyes has also announced a new game titled "Edge of Twilight – Horizon," which will be a available on the Apple App Store. Players will take the role of Night Lex as he attempts to use his speed and wits to outsmart an important enemy who will later appear in the console versions of "Edge of Twilight."

In bringing back the once-thought-dead "Edge of Twilight," Fuzzyeyes has garnered a remarkably supportive reaction from fans of the project. To give back to the fans, Fuzzyeyes is designating "Edge of Twilight – Horizon" a free game in the App Store. Players of "Edge of Twilight – Horizon" will gain access to production news about and new screenshots of "Edge of Twilight" for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. New announcements and trailers regarding "Edge of Twilight" will also flow through the "Edge of Twilight – Horizon" app to keep fans up-to-date.

The release of "Edge of Twilight – Horizon" solidifies Fuzzyeye's promise to expand the "Edge of Twilight" game into a multiplatform series. It is currently waiting for release approval.


The Edge of Twilight series is a multiplatform, diverse-genre series of steampunk titles, all taking place in the same world, one in which night and day exist as separate realms. The series will not commit to a set genre, but instead focus on a set world, flushing out the characters, world, and story throughout the series. The first title, which is set for release in late 2012, will carry the name of the series itself, EDGE OF TWILIGHT, and will focus around Lex, a half-breed who can bridge the gap between the realms of darkness and light. This forthcoming title will be an action/adventure game with heavy focus on gameplay, story, and puzzles.

For more information, go to www.edge-of-twilight.com or http:// www.facebook.com/ironhorizon.

About JDJC & FUZZYEYES Limited

Its offices spanning Japan and Taiwan, JDJC & FUZZYEYES Limited is a multinational game producer that uses the intrinsic artistic value of games to impact the lives of individual gamers across the globe. Its gaming projects transverse platforms, allowing production both on consoles and mobile devices. The company is currently active in the production of the upcoming EDGE OF TWILIGHT. You can learn more about JDJC & FUZZYEYES Limited at http:// www.fuzzyeyes.com.


FUZZYEYES ENTERTAINMENT Limited is a multinational gaming company with offices around the world. A 2012 joint venture, FUZZYEYES ENTERTAINMENT pulls together a multinational engineering consulting firm established in 1976, FUTAI ENGINEERING CO. and game developer for mainstream gaming platforms (Playstation, Xbox, mobile devices, etc.), JDJC & FUZZYEYES LIMETED. This cross-industry collaboration intentionally combines an experienced, professional engineering skillset with a lively and creative team of young game developers to arrive at the shared goal of creating something... well... remarkable!

For more information about the company and its games, go to www.fuzzyeyesentertainment.com.


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The story of the game's development is a sad one, but I'm excited to see Edge of Twilight is getting a release. The trailer released a few years back was amazing, and the world sounds really interesting.

On the one hand, it sucks for the Aussie developers who got screwed around and didn't get to finish the project. On the other hand, it must be at least somewhat exciting for them to finally see their work get released. I'd love to see cancelled projects I worked on get resurrected and be able to share them with everyone.