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Support Convict Interactive's Triangle Man crowd funding campaign

Convict Interactive has placed the future direction of their platform punisher game, Triangle Man, in your hands, via a Pozible crowd funding campaign. The extra funding would support the Wollonging-based indie developers in a new 2D animation artist and polishing the game with newer and more sophisticated artwork. They hoped to reach a goal of $1,000 within a month, but remarkably they got there in just 45 hours.

So what's Triangle Man? Here's Convict Interactive in their own words...

Triangle Man is an exciting 2D punishment platformer that challenges the player to use their wits in order to solve a vast variety of levels designed to test their problem solving and multi-tasking skills.

Triangle Man offers a unique gameplay experience as you control multiple characters at once in order to solve the increasingly diabolical levels. Triangle Man must navigate around various types of obstacles & enemies who are all designed to impede his movement.

Sounds great! While Convict Interactive successfully reached their initial goal, more funds would go further in making Triangle Man even more awesome, so if you're interested in helping out, check out their Pozible campaign and see which reward category most interests you! The campaign currently sits at $1,720 with three weeks left to go, whilst Triangle Main is expecting a late April release date.