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Convict Interactive


Wollongong based indie developers, Convict Interactive, have just put Triangle Man on the Desura's Alpha Funding platform which means that for a heavily discounted price, you can try out the first 30 levels of their 2D punishment platformer right now and have a hand in moulding the future of Triangle Man.

Purchasers will be able to communicate with the developers, contributing their ideas and griefs, and have a great part in steering Triangle Man's development. From Convict Interactive...

Players have the opportunity to help shape Triangle Man into the game that they really want to play. Don’t like a level? Tell the developer. Have an idea for a new enemy for Triangle Man to avoid? That could make it into the game too!

Convict Interactive will be taking all the input and suggestions to mind and with frequent Triangle Man updates on Desura, it'll make for an interesting experiment to see how the game grows and morphs from fan participation.

Grab Triangle Man now for only %50 of the anticipated final price and get some challenging platformer action happening!

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