Dimsdale and Kreozot United Games Manufacture are back


Dimsdale and Kreozot United games Manufacture are back! We added these Brisbane based indie developers to our games developer list way back in 2002, long before indie development really was a 'thing'. I remember they had just produced and released Tito, the bouncing alien, a 'quirky' 3D platform game funded and developed completely on their own, and looking back at that particular title, you could say it was a game released way before it's time. Tito is a relatively simple jumping platform game, but it would make for an absolute perfect fit for today's casual mobile games market.

What impressed me most about Dismdale and Kreozot, however, was their exceptional illustrative talent. It's an incredible and distinctive style, but that charm was lost a little when it was translated into 3D games. Keep in mind that they were from a time when games felt like they HAD to be in 3D to sell. There was a definite lull of 2D games in the mid 2000's because everything had to be shiny and in 3D, where Sony actually limited the amount of 2D games published on the Playstation 2 to further emphasize the console's powerful 3D capabilities. You just didn't impress people with 2D games anymore back then. Here's an old thread from 2004 on Sumea where we discussed whether 2D was ever going to be popular again.

Well, 2D games are indeed back, and they are everywhere. For whatever reason, the Dimsdale and Kreozot crew had enough of games development before the big resurgence of indie games development and all this 2D goodness, but they've making a welcomed return with a new mobile game called “Get Fiquette” that features a 1920's movie anti-hero...

We are happy to announce that our team is hard at work tackling the latest emerging craze – a market of so called Mobile Telephones which (As we are predicting) will grow reasonably in years to come.

Deciding to take a step and use it to move ahead of the competition, we are announcing a title which will soon be playable on one of those devices.

Yes, after many years of sitting untouched in various sketchbooks, on restaurant napkins and random sheets of paper laying around the office, Mr Fiqueete, baddest bad-ass silent movie villain that never existed will soon be hitting the smallest of screens of your mobile telephones, supplying minutes of hilarious entertainment at those times when you are waiting for your bus, or for that light chat with HR person about downsizing and your role in it, or when you simply have nothing better to do.

You will laugh, you will cry, and you will be poking, touching and stroking the hell out of that screen!

If the concept art is anything to go by, the game is going to at least look incredible. Heck, I'd be happy for a game with that sketchbook art itself!!

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