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"Where the hell is Matt" guy claims credit for Destroy All Humans! idea


The original and incredibly inspiring Where the Hell is Matt video (which has since been removed but can be seen below) caused quite a sensation on youtube ever since it was uploaded way back in 2005. We made a post about it on Sumea since its creator, Matt Harding, was actually a former employee of Pandemic Studios in Brisbane and the amusing dancing jig he does throughout the video was something he routinely did in front of other workmates as he waited impatiently on them before they headed out for their lunch break.

Matt completed a popular AMA on Reddit over the weekend where he divulged some more information about his days at Pandemic Studios Brisbane. In a question by the Reddit user Sauce_Pain, Matt claims a partial credit for the original pitch of Destroy All Humans!, an open world action game which is perhaps the studio's signature and most well known title during its existence between 2000 and 2009. From the Reddit AMA...

Is it true that the Destroy All Humans video game is a result of a completely unserious pitch you made?

Well, I make it out like it was a sarcastic joke, but it was only half-sarcastic. Our project had just gotten canned and all publishers wanted at that point was pitches for Grand Theft Auto knock-offs, so I said "How about a game where you just kill everybody?"
They thought that sounded like a good idea. I didn't, really.

It seems that Matt left Pandemic Brisbane shortly after the pitch as his wikipedia page explains that he "didn't want to spend two years of my life writing a game about killing everyone" and began travelling which led to the production of the first 'Where the hell is Matt' video.