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IGDA Melbourne: Post Game Jam Playtime


When: Tuesday, 12th February, 6.30pm
Where: Thousand Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne

Come and play the games made at Melbourne's Global Game Jam! The 2013 Global Game Jam event wrapped up last weekend and in Melbourne, a massive number (130) of games developers took part to produce a whopping 37 games within the 48 hour deadline. In a few weeks, you'll get a chance to play some of those games and attend the awards and celebrations being organised for the next IGDA Melbourne meetup!

If you're free on the 12th of February and you're interested in attending, then check yourselves in at the Facebook event page now!

For impatient types who can't wait to try out the games, you can download them right now at the GGJ website here.