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64 Ways of Being: Making a city-wide AR game about Melbourne - Troy Innocent

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In 64 Ways of Being, Melbourne is transformed into a playable city via a free-to-play app launching in 2020. People and place are connected at multiple locations across the city through augmented reality encounters that capture different ways of being. These experiences re-imagine Melbourne's identity as expressed through its creative, linguistic, cultural, social and urban diversity.

The game is made by a collective developing urban play encounters that reconnect people with the city as a lived experience. Blending public art, live art and game design our collaboration brings together artist gamemaker Dr Troy Innocent, live arts group one step at a time like this, and game developer Millipede working with the Watershed Pervasive Media Studio to realise Playable City Melbourne.

This talk provides practical advice on the challenges and opportunities presented during the production of an ambitious AR game that engages with creative cultures, project partners and audiences outside the traditional mobile gaming space.

Topics covered range from technical tips on situating AR in diverse urban environments, working with theatre and performance artists, engaging in meaningful cultural consultation with First Peoples, wrangling divergent stakeholders, and marketing strategies for an experience people haven't had yet.

Troy Innocent