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Art pipelines and photogrammetry - Paul Skinner & Daniel Visser

Paul Skinner
Daniel Visser
Wicked Witch
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Being an artist in an industry setting can prove challenging. Paul Skinner talks about his experiences as an artist throughout his 12 year career, the pros, cons and challenges associated with being an artist. With Daniel Visser, Paul will also touch on the typical art pipeline at Wicked Witch, including the character photogrammetry pipeline Wicked Witch has purpose-built for capturing photogrammetry data of sportspeople.

Paul and Daniel will explain the initial hardware setups testing processes behind the scenes that led up to the eventual character photogrammetry pipeline that exists today. Paul will cover the steps involved in shooting an actor or talent and taking the required photogrammetry data before it’s processed through the pipeline.

Paul will be expanding on the processes involved in turning that photogrammetry data into a final character featured in a Wicked Witch sports title, as well as some insights into how to maximize the output efficiency of that system. Meaning how to make 300+ uniquely identifiable character models based on real people in a cost-effective and time efficient manner for game development.