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Keeping your Designers Happy - Benjamin Carnall

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Technical development and design go hand in hand. This talk goes into detail about how to work with UE4’s default systems to create technology that enables scalable content development in a way that will keep your design team happy.
Unreal Engine is a vastly powerful tool that can be used to make incredible high-fidelity games. However, the engine has some fundamental workflow challenges. Binary assets, merge conflicts and refactor debt plague advanced development projects.
At RocketWerkz we've developed a system similar to the Gameplay Ability System that has alleviated many of these issues. Using datatables, run-time generated components, JSON and more we’ve prepared for huge amounts of content while still playing nice with our backend.
As well showing how the tech works to solve collaboration problems, we’ll show examples of how great design workflow leads to happier developers and why it's the tech team’s job to empower creative decisions.

Benjamin Carnall